This calculator allows you to see the average number of mana producing sources you should expect to see in your hand based on the number of cards drawn. The math is based on Hypergeometric Cumulative Probability ( P(X >= 1 ).

NOTE: In the case of mana sources that can produce multiple types of mana colors (ex. Shock lands, rainbow lands), increase the counter for each color that land could possibly produce (fetches included). The colorless field is reserved for lands that only produce coloress mana.

The following percentages are the chances that each mana-producing source will be able to produce a certain color of mana.

Source White Blue Black Red Green Colorless Only
Lands {{chance}}%
Mana Rocks {{chance}}%
Dorks {{chance}}%

After drawing {{draw.cards_drawn}} cards, on average you will have

Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Lands {{chance}}%
Mana Rocks {{chance}}%
Dorks {{chance}}%

Planned Features

  • Allow users to paste in a decklist link and auto-fill the field options